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Purpose of this Site

Faith Strong is a play on words to have Strong Faith. Your faith must be strong to have strong faith.

We uphold a set of strong moral values in life. We stand strong in the increasing tide of temptation. We stand strong in our beliefs and do not seek the validation in others. We are strong in our faith, we are comfortable with it. We strive to become a better version of ourselves every day and to be a strong and faithful example to others.

The purpose of this site is to allow you to show the strength of your faith. To show others who you are and what you stand for. To show others that you are Faith Strong.

Shipping Details

II am offering free shipping with you receiving the product within 5 - 8 business days. Typically when I receive an order I will make the product and then ship it either the same day or next. I will then ship the order via USPS . If you leave your email address I will send you a tracking number. The only factor which may slow me down is if I do not have a certain item on hand and I have to order it. I will do my best to make every order arrive as soon as possible. I anticipate most orders should arrive within 5-6 days.

Special Requests

If there is something that you want available that I do not have on this site then please let me know. If you want some sizes that are not offered or a different color shirt or etc please let me know via email and we can work on getting you what you want. The options are literally endless and I left it fairly simple on purpose. I am also welcome to hear any advice or opinions on how to better run this site to better suit everyone. Please email any requests or comments to me at StrongFaithTees@gmail.com or click the button below


Made in the USA

All of the items are made here in the USA and all American sourced products are used.